What You Need To Know Before Designing a Vehicle Wrap

February 5, 2023

As a business owner, among the most effective ways of advertising your business you can use, is vehicle wrap. This type of advertising allows you to place designs and messages on the exterior parts of your vehicle. This way, you attract prospective customers when mobile and in parking.

However, like any other advertising strategy, vehicle wraps have to be done right to attract the right audience and pass the message effectively. Here are some critical things you should consider when designing your vehicle wraps:


Before you even begin to design your vehicle wrap, you have to determine the type of vehicle you intend to wrap. Identifying the vehicle’s make and model is critical when you want to do a truck, van, car, or bus wrap. This comes in handy to ensure you get the correct wrap dimensions and also know about any challenging edges and corners you might encounter.

Moreover, the pricing of wrapping will often be significantly determined by your type of vehicle. Consequently, before you even take your vehicle to the wrapping technician, it is safer to already have an idea of how much it will cost based on its type.


Ideally, the sole purpose of car wraps is to advertise your business, and of course, your logo is what identifies it. As such, you need to know the ideal places to place it, visible to your prospective customers.

You can place your logo at the front or center of your vehicle and maybe surround it with an appealing design that can capture your audience’s attention. While you can choose to place your logo in multiple locations all over your vehicle, it is always advisable to choose fewer but more strategic locations.


Appealing colors and designs are bound to better catch the attention of your intended audience. When choosing your design, go for eye-catching vehicle graphics and bold colors that people can easily and quickly notice and not forget.

Furthermore, you have to consider the fact that sometimes you will be mobile but still need to get noticed. Think outside the box!